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LMS Routes

LMS Route: The Birmingham West Suburban Railway

Mick Bramich writes "The best place for me to watch the coming and goings on the old Midland route to the south west, was near the laundry at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. A short cycle ride in the evening or at the weekend, or even better, during school holidays, brought me into contact with all sorts of ‘foreigners’. Leeds based Jubilees, B1’s and A3’s (very scarce), Robinson 2-8-0’s from the Eastern region, the last of the unrebuilt Patriots from the north west plus a host of local motive power from Saltley and Bournville.

Double headers were not uncommon and many of the trains stopped at suburban stations such as Selly Oak, Bournville and Kings Norton prior to running non-stop to Gloucester and then on to Cardiff, Bristol or Bath. I caught a train in about 1964 at Selly Oak to visit Barry and the famous scrap yard of Dai Woodham. I don't recall ever seeing diesels on this route. I suppose the powers that were let the old Midland carry on in their time honoured way."

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Birmingham New Street [428]
Five Ways Station [18]
Granville Street [0] [Photos Wanted]
Birmingham Central Goods Depot [55]
Church Road Station [18]
Somerset Road Station [7]
Selly Oak Station [25]
Cadbury's Sidings:
Exchange Sidings - Lineside Views [6]
Cadbury's Railway [8]
Bournville :
Station [10]
Shed [39]
Kings Norton
Station [42]
Lineside Photographs [95