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LMS Route: Evesham to Birmingham

Alvechurch Station: mralv609

Looking along the platform towards Redditch showing the lampposts have had the lamps removed

Looking along the platform towards Redditch showing the lecturns on the lampposts have been removed sometime earlier. The station sign on the left is a later LMS model replacing the standard MR twin angled type part of which is seenin image 'mralv608'. This view shows the platform is higher at the far end indicating that the platform has been extended. Most railways initially constructed platforms at a lower height reflecting the fact that earlier carriages were modelled on stage coach designs where it was accepted practice for passengers to climb aboard. As carriages developed, in particular with the introduction of bogie coaches, the floor height of the coach was raised further. As stations were extended or remodelled, their platforms were built to the newer height.