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LMS Route: Birmingham West Suburban Railway

Bournville Shed: mrb8

Midland Railway Johnson class 1 0-6-0T No 1741 photographed inside Bournville shed on Sunday 31st August 1919

Midland 0-6-0T No 1741 is seen in the roundhouse at Bournville on Sunday 31st August 1919. Its clean appearance is a credit to the shed. Originally numbered No 1091, it was built at the company's Derby works in 1884. The open cab was typical of tank engines intended exclusively for shunting duties, giving the driver a clearer view to the rear than a closed one would have. Coal rails were added to the bunker in the 1890s. Rebuilt in 1903 (details not recorded in source), it was renumbered No. 1741 in 1907. Most probably allocated to Bournville in 1919, it definitely was so in 1920. After the grouping it was rebuilt with a Belpaire boiler in 1924, classified 1F in 1928, then withdrawn for scrap in 1932. The boiler, of course, could have been recycled and fitted to another engine of the same type. Bournville still had one of these tanks in 1945, but none were allocated there in the BR period. One has been preserved and can be seen at the Barrow Hill Roundhouse Railway Centre near Chesterfield.

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John Dews