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LMS Route: Birmingham West Suburban Railway

Bournville Shed: mrb1552

MR 0-6-4T Class 2000 'Flatiron' No 2038 stands at the throat of the yard in August 1919

Midland 0-6-4T No 2038 is seen soon after arrival in the yard at Bournville on 31st August 1919. It would have been painted in the Midland's passenger engine livery of lined crimson lake. The railwayman posing with his shovel at the back of the engine is the one seen on the footplate of No 3425 (see image 'mrb11a'). He was probably responsible for the disposal of arrivals that day. Built at Derby in 1907, No 2038 is still in original condition, fitted with saturated 'H1' round top boiler, side tanks extending the full length of the boiler & with only two spectacle plates at the front of the cab. Bournville was probably its home depot in 1919 and definitely was so in 1920. Despite being rebuilt in 1926 the engine was withdrawn from service in August 1935.

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