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The Austin Motor Company: misc_indust228

Two crates of ‘Austin Tractors’ being loaded on to a single bolster railway wagon by a steam crane in the early 1920s

Another interesting photograph from the www.austinmemories.com website showing two crates labelled ‘Austin Tractors’ being loaded on to an unidentified single bolster railway wagon by a steam crane in the early 1920s. In addition to components being shipped to the Liancourt factory in France for assembly, Austin ‘model R’ tractors were exported to many parts of the British Empire.

Four wheel bolster wagons were built in large numbers by all British Railway Companies to carry unsawn 'round' timber traffic and from March 1922 they came under the 'Common User Agreement' (except GWR bolster wagons which only joined the Common User Agreement on 31st May 1927). The single bolster wagon in the photograph appears to be a Midland Railway - Long Timber Truck to Diagram 389. These bolster wagons were 14 feet, 11 inches over the headstocks with a nine foot wheelbase. Some 1,400 Diagram 389 wagons were built as follows:

Lot Date Built Quantity
7 1882 200
505 1901 540
698 1908 100
704 1908 50
742 1910 100
770 1911 200
787 1911 200
895 1915 100

Robert Ferris