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The Austin Motor Company: misc_indust224


In the Great Western Railway Magazine of June 1930 (Vol XLII No6) a series of photographs showed Austin cars being loaded into a newly introduced a motor car van (telegraphic code ASMO) which was accompanied by the following short article:

Additional Goods Vans for the conveyance of Motor Cars. – For some time past there has been an increasing call for vehicles for conveyance of motor cars, arising in no small measure from the successful efforts to secure this business to rail. The stock available for this purpose has been in constant demand and only by exercise of considerable ingenuity in distribution has it been possible to meet requirements. Apart from this difficulty an augmentation of the number of cars to be conveyed is anticipated and for these reasons, in February last, the construction of an additional 100 covered motor car trucks was agreed. The new vehicles, reproduced, are fitted with vacuum brakes, to run in passenger-trains when necessary. They are 32 feet, 8 inches long and capable of carrying two large or three small cars. A diagram and photographic illustrations are given on the opposite page.

Robert Ferris