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LMS Route: Evesham to Birmingham

Salford Priors station: mrsp337a

Close up showing the station master's house in greater detail

Close up up of image 'mrsp337' showing the platform, the station master's house and booking office and waiting rooms in greater detail. The station master's house had its front door opening directly on to the platform, passengers having to enter via the gate adjacent to the end of the single-storey building. The single-storey building has two doors, the one on the left being for the booking office and the other for the waiting room. The light coloured box to the right of the booking office doorway housed the station clock. Before the introduction of radio which could transmit a time signal station clocks were kept to time by the first guard of the day. He would use his watch, which had been checked at the departing station, to check the clocks on all of the stations along the route and ensure station staff would adjust the watch accordingly.