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LMS Route: Evesham to Birmingham

Broom Junction station: mrbj148a

Close up showing the third signal box sited at Broom North

Close up of image 'mrbj148' showing the third signal box at Broom Junction sited which opened on 6th May 1934. The free standing boardwalk seen in image 'mrbj539c', is clearly recognisable in this view. Broom Junction was originally named Broom South until the 1934 when the structure seen above was configured to handle the station's requirements both north and south thereby replacing Broom North signal box seen in image 'mrbj149'. To confuse matters, when the south curve from the SMJ line was completed in 1942 to accommodate through trains from Gloucester to London, this signal box was renamed Broom North because a new signal box was built to the south of this view called Broom South to handle the south curve's traffic.