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LMS Route: Evesham to Birmingham

GWR Route: North Warwickshire Line

GWR Route: Banbury to Wolverhampton

Birmingham New Street - Southern Approaches: mrbhm_sa1895

Looking towards Camp Hill station and goods yard with the connecting lines to the GWR branching off to the left

Looking towards Camp Hill station and goods yard with Bordesley Junction Signal Box controlling the connecting lines to the GWR on the left. The four lines are: connecting down line, connecting up line, Midland down line and Midland up line. In the foreground on the Midland up line the end of a point blade can just be seen. This was to accommodate banking engines originating from the GWR reversing back to the GWR lines. Trains from the GWR would approach the MR' line via the up connecting line. Once the banking engine had reached the road bridge it would stop as it was no longer needed, it being down hill to Washwood Sidings. The banking engine would then need to rejoin the GWR but needed to do this by reversing back on the connecting down line. Therefore a second set of points was needed originating on the MR up line - just behind the photographer - and ending just in front of the camera.