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LMS Route: Birmingham West Suburban Railway

Bournville Shed: mrb1549

Ex-MR 0-6-0 2F No 22630 stands inside Bournville shed ready for its next turn during May 1936

An ex-MR double framed 0-6-0, LMS No 22630, is seen in the roundhouse at Bournville in May 1936. It was vacuum brake fitted, as were some of the other Kirtley 0-6-0s at Bournville in the 1930s. When renumbered onto the duplicate list four months earlier, the size of the numerals had been reduced to fit in the small space available on the side of the Johnson cab. A similar side-on view of No 22853 shows that this was not necessary when a Deeley cab was fitted - see image 'mrb1568'. Although no one would have known it at the time, No 22630 was destined to be the last of the ex-MR double-framed engines to remain in service, not being withdrawn until December 1951. Dates & details of the engine's history can be found with image 'mrb1567'.

John Dews