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LMS Route: Rugby to Wolverhampton
LMS Route: Rugby to Leamington
LMS Route: Rugby to Tamworth
LMS Route: Rugby to Leicester
LMS Route: Rugby to Market Harborough

Rugby Station: lnwrrm881c

Close up showing the yard's shunting hump in the foreground and the Midland signal box standing behind

Close up of image 'lnwrrm881' showing the yard's shunting hump in the foreground and the Midland Railway signal box just behind. This MR signal box (not signal cabin as described by the LNWR) is described by Stanley Jenkins in his article in Railway Archive Issue 7 as being the second box erected at Rugby, the first box being erected in 1886. As the third signal box was opened on 29th March 1925 he believes this dates the photograph as being between 1st January 1923 when the 123 railways in the country were grouped into the big four, and March 1925 when the third signal box was built. As stated elsewhere, its our contention that this is the third signal box and with all but one company wagon on view being one of the big four, its most likely the photograph dates from the late 1920s, possibly later. As can be seen the train being fly shunted is made up of laden, recently painted Bedwas Coke wagons plus two cattle wagons, complete with bovine occupants, on the left. In front of the hump are two Pickfords containers sitting in LMS open wagons just in front of the coke train.