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LMS Route: Trent Valley Line

LMS Route: Nuneaton to Leamington

Nuneaton Station: lnwrns1536

This view of station buildings at Nuneaton is thought to be associated with the goods yard and sidings adjacent to the entrance

This view of station buildings at Nuneaton is thought to be associated with the goods yard and sidings adjacent to the entrance. The single storey building in the middle is thought to have been stables as the doors appear to be barn doors - split halfway up - and the buckets by each were often seen to provide water for the horses. The station sign seen on the left and mentioned below has the legend 'London North Western Railway' followed by 'Nuneaton Station' and then lists 'London, Holyhead, Liverpool, Leeds, Scotland, Coventry, Birmingham and Leicester branches' with other stations not being legible. It was not unusual to see a list of stations included on station name boards where the station was a junction for a number of routes.

Sue Gordon writes "I came across this photograph whilst sorting out my things from my parents house sale which I thought might interest you. If you look closely at the sign on the left of the photo you can see that the location is Nuneaton railway station. My father, Frederick Brooks, spent a number of his childhood years at nearby Attleborough, where his father was minister at the Baptist Church, and was fascinated by trains from an early age.

In his memoirs he mentions two stations at Nuneaton and from the sign in the photo, which possibly says London North Western Railway, I take this one to be the Trent Valley station.

I have no idea who the people in the photo are and they are unlikely to be relatives of my father's as from the dress the lady is wearing I would say it was taken sometime between 1890 and 1900 - long before my family's association with the area began in 1925. There is a name and address written on the back of the photo, 'Mrs Edge, 9 Quarry Lane, Off Lutterworth Road, Nuneaton' and I can only guess that it was she who had some association with the people in the photo. It may have been Mrs Edge who gave my father the photo knowing of his love for railways (he subsequently spent most of his working life as a signalman)".

Please feel free to reproduce this photo on your website - I ask only that you credit it as follows: 'C & S Gordon' and if you think it appropriate, link the credit to my father's memoirs which, as well as childhood memories of Nuneaton and Attleborough, includes memories of working as a signalman on the London Midland Region'