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LMS Route: Rugby to Wolverhampton
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LMS Route: Birmingham New Street to Harborne

Monument Lane Shed: lnwrmlsh81b

Close up showing Monument Lane's standard LNWR water tank built with a 75 to capacity and two roads

Close up of image 'lnwrmlsh81' showing Monument Lane's standard LNWR water tank built with a 75 ton capacity and two roads. The water tank's two roads are at a different level. Whilst the 1938 track plan shown in Chris Hawkins & George Reeve's LMS Engine Sheds Volume One show a separate stand-alone structure of 75 ton capacity this would have been the LMS built structure. Whilst not certain, the author believes the two roads under the water tank were at two levels so that coal could be shovelled from coal wagons stabled on the higher road into the bunkers or tenders of locomotives standing on the lower road. To the left and to the front of the water tank was the 60 foot turntable (between the tall wooden posts and at the end of the straight track). This turntable was erected in the 1920s to replace an earlier 42 foot version. The coaling and ash plants built by the LMS in 1934 were to the right just out of view and were built on the site of the "old shed" erected in 1858. The gentleman wearing the suit and bowler hat would appear to be an official of the railway and would seem to indicate that Bill Potter, the photographer, had a pass to take this photograph.