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LMS Route: Grand Junction Railway

Hamstead and Great Barr Station: lnwrgb62

Looking towards Walsall under the arch of the overbridge which carried the Old Walsall Road with the original down platform on the right

Looking towards Walsall under the arch of the overbridge carrying Walsall Old Road with the original station's down platform on the right. This view must have been taken in late 1898 or early 1899 as the new station opened in 1899 part of which can be seen under construction through archway. It is believed that the original 1862 station was built with staggered platforms, one platform being either side of the bridge with the down platform being opposite the signal cabin. When the new 1889 station was built it was only the new down platform and its associated station buildings which were resited opposite the original up platform. The staggered platform configuration was very common on the LNWR particularly when level crossings were sited at the station and it is believed that the bridge was built after the station had opened.