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LMS Route: Rugby to Wolverhampton

Berkswell and Balsall Common: lnwrberk525a

Close up view showing the approach to Berkswell which because there was a bridge as the track curved required duplicate and very tall signals

Close up of image 'lnwrberk525' showing the approach to Berkswell and the duplicated tall signals needed because of the bridge being sited on the curve. As can can also be seen the post to the tall signal nearest the down line has a signal arm attached some 12' above ground level. This arm is a "repeater" of the one at the top of the post so that crews could easily see it if they had stopped at the station. It is easy to forget that in the days of steam prior to the "Clean Air Act" thick fogs were common through the winter and were so bad giving severe visibility problems that the top signal would not be seen from ground level. On such occasions "fog men" would be required to stay at signals and to place percussion caps on the rails to provide drivers with an understanding of whether the signal they were passing was at danger, caution or clear. This being achieved by the number of caps placed, one being clear, two being caution and three for danger.