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LMS Route: Nuneaton to Coventry

Albany Road Bridge: lnwrar1553a

Close up view of the new bridge's abutment being built and the earth being removed from under the beams

This close up of image 'lnwrar1553' shows how a new structure was built whilst still maintaining services on the line. The work would be conducted over a period of time by 'occupying' the line at weekends, normally from late Saturday night to early Monday morning. Initially the the main supports for the new bridge would be built under and or to the side of the main beams which are sufficiently long enough to straddle the original structure as seen above. When these supports were built the beams would be placed alongside ready to lift in to place. This inevitably required demolition of part of the original structure to allow the beams to rest on the new supports at the correct height to carry the line over the top. The time required for this crucial phase might require a longer occupation of the line than the normal 36 hours or so or this might be conducted in two stages with the down line being built before the up line. The workmen are excavating earth from under the main beams whilst the timber framing on their left appears to be used to retain the foundations inserted for the new bridge abutment.