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LMS Route: Trent Valley Line

Bulkington Station: lnwr_bulk1124

Ex-LMS 6P 4-6-0 Rebuilt Patriot No 455221 'Rhyl' is seen at the head of the up Manxman approaching Bulkington

Ex-LMS 6P 4-6-0 Rebuilt Patriot No 45521 'Rhyl' is seen at the head of the up Manxman approaching Bulkington circa 1955. First built in March 1917 at Crewe works as LNWR 4-6-0 Claughton class locomotive No 5933, the disappointing performance of the class saw a number of the class be subject to modifications. One such modification was the provision of a larger diameter boiler although the benefits were mitigated by problems associated with the cylinders and chassis. The decision was therefore taken to mount this new larger boiler on the newly introduced Royal Scot class chassis resulting in the class initially nicknamed 'Baby Scots' but later officially named the 'Patriot class'.

Rebuilt at Derby in March 1933 as a Patriot class locomotive and named in late 1937, No 45521 was later rebuilt in October 1946 with a tapered boiler and effectively a new chassis albeit its cylinders were 1 inch less in diameter than the rebuilt or 'converted' Royal Scot class. Visually the only difference between the Patriot rebuilds and the Scot rebuilds was the cab as the Patriots were provided with Stanier cabs complete with two side windows whilst the Scots retained their Fowler cabs which had a large cut way section in lieu of the second window. Having had such an eventful history No 45521 remained in service until November 1963 when it was withdrawn from Springs Branch shed in Wigan being scrapped at Crewe works shortly afterwards.