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LMS Route: Trent Valley Line

Brinklow Station: lnwr_brin1101a

Close up of the rear of Brinklow station showing the horizontal timber cladding and the lamp room located under the up platform staircase

Close up of image 'lnwr_brin1101' showing the rear of Brinklow station including the horizontal timber cladding and the timber lamp room located beneath the up platform stairs. The station platforms were lit by oil lamps as were the signals and therefore facilities were provided at stations to accommodate the stores and materials required to maintain them. It's not known whether electric lighting was installed in the main roadside building prior to closure. The far right track was the 'up slow' relief line whilst the two lines nearest the camera were the 'down main' and 'up main' respectively. The signal seen beneath the building is in fact the 'down starter', positioned for better sighting, on the same post as used for the 'up main starter' and 'up main home' signals, the latter two arms being hidden by the station. The signal to the right of the covered steps leading to the down island platform is the 'up slow' home signal.