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Warwickshire Railways: Railway Art and Colourised Photographs

Our admiration for artists who have the ability to capture the atmosphere of railways and translate it on to canvas led to our creating this section of the website soon after the website was created. We stated then that whilst photographers can capture the moment, and thereby record actual events, artists can capture much more which is why paintings are so often described as being evocative but photographs rarely so. Some ten plus years since the website was launched technology has now offered the ability to convert black and white images to colour. In the field of film this has proven highly controversial and I am sure there will be people who will have a similar view of black and white railway photographs being colourised. Without detracting in any way from the inspired work of talented artists, whether they be professionals like Phil Hawkins or Gerald Broom or 'amateurs' like Alan Fisher, we believe there is a place for colourisation and have therefore added a section on this page to show off colourised photographs.

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Railway Art

As stated above, the skill of artists who can capture the evocative atmosphere of railways is much admired. We recognise that their skill to turn a palette of colours into a memory of a moment by inspired brushstrokes is second to none. We would also like to express our thanks to the artists listed below for kindly granting permission for their work to be shown on the website. As we are sure you will agree, their work adds another dimension to our ability to remember moments from the past. The roll call of artists seen below is divided into two sections; members or past members of the Guild of Railway Artists who are professional artists and others, predominantly enthusiastic and competent amateurs.

We highly recommend a visit to the Guild of Railway Artists' own website which illustrates some of the work of nearly fifty artists as well as listing exhibitions and publications. For further information about the Guild of Railway Artists and its exhibitions please view the Guild’s web site at www.railart.co.uk .

We have limited the paintings on show to those which portray scenes from the county's railways. In many instances the artists listed have substantial collections of other railway scenes but of themes focused outside of Warwickshire.

Members of the Guild of Railway Artists in alphabetical order:

    Peter Annable GRA
    Gerald Broom GRA
    Barry Freeman GRA
    Philip Hawkins FGRA
    Kevin Parrish GRA

Non-Guild Artists in alphabetical order:

    Alan Fisher
    Steve Merry

Colourised Photographs

For colourised black and white photographs from Warwickshire Railway follow this link.