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L&NER - Stations and other important locations in the County of Warwickshire

The following is a list of MR stations, junctions, goods depots, etc, which at one time were part of the County of Warwickshire. This includes stations such as the L&NWR's and Midland Railway's stations in Tamworth which, when these stations were first built, were part of Warwickshire but later in 1889 ceded to Staffordshire. The list also includes a number of stations from towns and villages which had previously been part of other counties such as Staffordshire and Worcestershire but after being absorbed into the City of Birmingham also became part of the County of Warwickshire. Examples include Kings Norton, Bournville, Barnt Green, etc on the Midland Railway's line to Gloucester. Finally a small number of stations from other counties which were never part of Warwickshire have been included where their inclusion completes a route. One example being the Midland Railway's Birmingham to Evesham route where Evesham, Harvington, Redditch and Alvechurch have been included to complete all stations along the line. Where a station was known by more than one name we have endeavoured to list them separately but linked both to the same station page. As this information is currently incomplete the list will be updated when we find the information. If you can help us with information which can fill in the gaps we would be very appreciative.

Stations, Junctions, Goods Depots, etc Operational status
Braunston & Willoughby Braunston & Willoughby opened on 15th March 1899. The station closed to passengers and goods traffic on 1st April 1957.
Catesby Tunnel Catesby Tunnel opened for coal traffic on 25th July 1898; for passenger traffic on 15th March 1899; and for goods traffic on 11th April 1899. Closed to all traffic 3rd September 1966.
Constructing the Great Central Closed.
Rugby Central Station Rugby station (later Rugby Central station when taken into British Railways ownership) was opened by the Great Central Railway (GCR) on 15 March 1899. The GCR's route to London was closed on 5th September 1966, the line to the south of Rugby and north of Nottingham being closed. The section between Rugby Central and Nottingham (initially Nottingham Victoria, later cut back to Nottingham Arkwright Street) remained open as self-contained branch carrying a DMU operated local passenger service until 3rd May 1969 with the station closing formally on 5th May 1969.
Staverton Road Signal Cabin Staverton Road signal cabin opened for passenger traffic on 15th March 1899, and for goods traffic on 11 April 1899. The signal cabin closed when most of the Great Central Mainline was closed on 5th September 1966.