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Warwickshire's Colliery Lines

Although not a large a county Warwickshire had many industrial, colliery and mineral railways, mainly in the north of the county. The coalfields were located on the North Warwickshire coal field based on the towns of Tamworth (Note ¹) Nuneaton, Bedworth and the outskirts of the city of Coventry. In 1880 these included:

Alvecote Colliery Tamworth
Ammington Colliery Tamworth
Ansley Hall Colliery Atherstone
Baddesley Colliery Atherstone
Birch Coppice Colliery Tamworth
Charity Colliery Bedworth
Craven Colliery Coventry
Dosthill Colliery Tamworth
Exhall Colliery Coventry
Fly Colliery Coventry
Glascote Clay Works Tamworth
Griff Colliery Nuneaton
Hall End Colliery Tamworth
Harts Hill Colliery Stockingford
Haunch Wood Colliery Nuneaton
Hawkesbury Colliery Bedworth
Hockley Hall Colliery Tamworth
Kettlebrook Colliery Tamworth
Nuneaton Colliery Nuneaton
New Winnings Colliery Coventry
Peel Colliery Nuneaton
Pooley Hall Colliery Tamworth
Seven-foot Colliery Tamworth
Speedwell Colliery Coventry
Speedwell, New Winnings Colliery Coventry
Tame Valley Colliery Tame Valley
Wallsgrave Colliery Wyken, Coventry
Whateley Colliery Tamworth
Wilnecote Colliery Tamworth
Woodlands Colliery Bedworth
Wyken Colliery Coventry

Several of the collieries were however owned and worked by one major company or colliery an example being the Hawkesbury Colliery Company which owned and operated five collieries including: Balance Colliery, Fly Colliery, Hawkesbury Colliery, New Winnings Colliery, Speedwell and Speedwell, New Winnings Collieries. The following collieries have been listed separately as we have sufficient photographs to justify their being treated separately whilst others have been aggregated together.

Note ¹ Tamworth became a Staffordshire borough from 1st April 1889.

  Colliery Locomotives [8]
Coventry Colliery [10]
Daw Mill Colliery [5]
Griff Colliery [14]
Haunchwood Colliery [8]
  Newdigate Colliery [40]

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