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Colliery Lines

Newdigate Colliery: misc_newd269

A Peckett is seen hard at work propelling wagons bunker first into the exchange sidings in late 1950s

A Peckett is seen propelling bunker first wagons restricted for 'internal use' into the exchange sidings in late 1950s. The wagons which appear to timber eight plank wagons, are marked with a white 'St Andrews' cross to indicate that they must not be used outside of the colliery's sidings. Most pits retained quantities of internal-user wagons, which served two purposes:- They were used to transfer coal from the screens to the 'Landsale Yard', which held coal for collection by local merchants, and for concessionary coal. They could also hold stocks of coal for which there was no current orders. The wagons to the left of the locomotive are British Railways steel bodied mineral vehicles. Also of note is the siding leading down to the canal wharf is seen overgrown on the right.