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Miscellaneous: Operating Equipment & Practices

Maintenance of the Permanent Way: misc_equip241

A composite photograph of internal views of the Great Western Railway Whitewash Coach No 2360

Internal views of the Great Western Railway Whitewash Coach No 2360. The top and bottom left photograph appeared in an IME paper entitled ‘Some Factors affecting the Riding of Coaching Stock’ written by AWJ Dymond of the Great Western Railway in December 1931. The top photograph shows the test arrangement with the Hallade Recorder positioned centrally over the rear bogie, with the whitewash storage tank on the left hand side behind. A rotary pump ensures the whitewash is agitated at intervals to prevent sediment collecting and also replenish the tank as required. On the other side floor planking has been removed to allow visual inspection of the track. The photograph on the bottom right shows an internal view after the coach had been permanently converted. A photograph of the coach at Snow Hill can be seen at 'misc_equip243'.

Robert Ferris