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Birmingham Railway and Carriage Co Ltd: misc_brc&wc176

Document  issued to Train Examiners etc ensuring all Carriages and Wagons were in safe order

The Great Western Railway issued a series of guidance documents to their staff. One such document was issued to Train Examiners and Greasers to ensure that all Carriages and Wagons were in good and safe running conditions. The document also contained an appendix for Wagon Inspectors and Examiners who visited the works of Manufacturers, Builders and Repairers engaged in the repair of Private Owner (PO) wagons. This appendix detailed the minimum requirements before a PO wagon was allowed into traffic. In addition to critical components, it is interesting to note that in section 6a there are specific requirements regarding the positioning of the wagon numbers and in section 8 the need for a stop on the buffer cases to allow shunting poles to be used safely.
Full list of contents are:
1. Couplings
2. Drawbars
3. Buffing and Draw Springs
4. Longitudinal Tie Rods
5. Tyres
6. Register Plate Number and Railway Co.’s Initials
6a. Wagon Number and Name and Address of Owner
7. Brake Gear
8. Self-contained Buffer Cases
9. Axle Boxes
11. Loading Bars

Robert Ferris