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LMS Route: Birmingham West Suburban Railway

Central Goods Yard: mrcgy916b

Close up showing the rail entrance to Birmingham Central Good Station's warehouse

Close up of image 'mrcgy916' showing the three track rail entrance to Birmingham Central Good Station's warehouse. Each of the three sets of rails is protected by a loading gauge whilst above the entrance is a sign stating 'Engines must not enter shed'. To the right of the warehouse can be seen the canopy covering the loading dray and lorry platform. Most of the wagons on display are open wagons and belonging to the Midland Railway. During the First World War wagons were pooled together to maximise usage and to minimise the number of wagons being returned empty to their home depot. This initiative was known as 'common users' and was maintained after the war on a voluntary basis. This had quite an impact on the typical local scene with many more 'foreign' wagons being evident as can be seen in images 'mrcgy915' and 'mrcgy692'. In the foreground Midland Railway 0-6-0T 1F No 1100 can be seen shunting the yard. A member of the MR's 1377 class, this class of locomotive was to be seen at the yard for many decades.