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LMS Route: Birmingham West Suburban Railway

Bournville Shed: mrb5

Ex-MR 3P 0-6-4T No 2033 stands with other engines in a siding alongside the shed at Bournville on Saturday 15th June 193

Locally based ex-MR 3P 0-6-4T No 2033 is seen on one of the sidings near the shed on Saturday 15th June 1935. On this date at least four of these 0-6-4Ts were parked out of use at Bournville, three outside and one inside the shed. Destined, like other pre-grouping suburban tanks, to be replaced by Stanier's new standard types, their fate was sealed by their unsuitability for further use on not always well maintained secondary routes such as the Gloucester loop line. Sister engine No 2023 had derailed at speed on that route on 25th February, resulting in the death of its Bournville based driver. An MOT inquiry was ordered three days after the accident and was presented to the Minister by 7th May (See PDF file 'MoT_AshtonUnderHill1935'.). The LMS modified a few in an attempt to tackle their propensity to derail, but despite some positive results Mr Stanier decided the class would not be worth altering. The nineteen allocated to the Birmingham area were replaced as an interim measure by ex-LTSR 2P 4-4-2Ts. Thus the 'flatirons' were made instantly redundant. No 2033 was withdrawn in March 1936, and the whole class had gone by the end of 1938. A photo of one in use, in Midland livery before rebuilding, is seen on link 'mrb1552'.

John Dews