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LMS Route: Rugby to Wolverhampton
LMS Route: Nuneaton to Leamington

Coventry Station: lnwrcov3728

Coventry Goods yard looking towards the entrance off Warwick Road with the MR shed on the left circa 1890

Coventry goods yard looking towards the entrance off Warwick Road with the Midland Railway shed on the left in the background circa 1890. The goods yard has been subject to several improvements when compared to the image seen in 'lnwrcov4512'. The boundary wall on the extreme right has been erected, the roadway to the cattle pens has been leveled and fenced whilst the capacity of the yard has been increased with another siding running parallel with the original laid adjacent to the cattle roadway. The building at the entrance on the right is most certainly the weighbridge office, whilst to its left is a gated entrance leading to the cattle pens in the foreground. The Midland Railway shed can be seen in this view of Coventry goods yard prior to the erection of buildings fronting on to Warwick Road. To the extreme right, across the road, part of the Railway Inn can be seen. This formed one corner of the entrance from Warwick Road to the passenger station, the other corner being formed the original 1838 station - see 'lnwrcov609'.

Reg Instone of the LNWR Society and the Signalling Record Society writes, 'The elevated disc signal (on the left - Ed) controls access from Sidings 1, 2 & 3 to the Up Main line, through the points at bottom right. The associated trap points in each of these three sidings are just visible - that in Siding 1 slightly more obvious that the other two. Three traps had to be provided, as a single trap at the point where they converged would not give sufficient clearance from the main line. Of course, the disc had to be in rear of the traps, which it was by a yard or two. Also of interest are the Up Main Home signals for No.2 box, to the right. The right hand doll with lower distant arm for No.1 Box applies to the route forward on the Up Main, the left hand doll is for Up Main to Up Platform. I think these signals are of the LNWR 1876 pattern, as shown in 'LNWR Signalling', but I haven't as yet checked'.