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GWR & MR Joint Route: Halesowen to Longbridge Junction

Longbridge Station: mrlong1459

Extract for the Joint Halesowen Railway from the GWR’s Service Time Table No 13 from 8th July to 22nd September 1929

Extract for the Joint Halesowen Railway from the Great Western Railway’s Service Time Table (STT No 13) from 8th July to 22nd September 1929, showing services between Old Hill and Northfield. The Great Western Railway Steam Rail Motor Passenger Services from Old Hill to Halesowen are still on the timetable although these had been suspended in December 1927 and replaced with a Great Western road bus service. Several goods services operated during the day, but the main activity was the Workman's trains to Longbridge and corresponding empty stock movements. Austin Motors had approximately 11,000 employees in 1929 and there were five morning Workman Trains to the works with four returning evening trains. On Saturday's the pattern changed and the Workman's trains left in the early afternoon instead of the evening. On Sundays there was no service on the line. The STT details the following weekday Workman's Trains.

Morning Old Hill (dep) Halesowen (dep) Northfield (dep) Longbridge (arr)
GW - 7:10am   7:26am
LMS     7:20am 7:34am
GW 7:23am 7:28am   7:48am
LMS     7:45am 7:48am
LMS     8:43am 8:48am
Afternoon Longbridge (dep) Northfield (arr) Halesowen (arr) Old Hill (arr)
LMS 5:40pm 5:48pm    
GW 5:42pm   - 5:59pm
LMS 5:56pm 5:51pm    
GW 5:57pm   6:12pm -

Robert Ferris