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LMS Route: Birmingham West Suburban Railway

Central Goods Yard: mrcgy928a

Close up showing the extended timber built 'metal shed' and two-storey stable block

Close up of image 'mrcgy928' showing Central Goods Station's extended timber built 'metal shed' and two-storey stable block. The reason the building was called the 'metal shed' was simply because it was used to store metal products and was marked on the Midland Railway's 2-chain plan of 1915 as the Copper Shed. The two-storey stable block was erected on the opposite side of Holliday Street to the goods depot. It was part of a complex of stables with two different sections to accommodate 96 horses. An unidentified MR 0-6-0T 1F Class 1377 'Half-cab' locomotive is seen reversing wagons into the shed. To the left a siding can be seen to be running from the shed. This siding ran to the cement shed which was erected circa 1914.