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LMS Route: Birmingham West Suburban Railway

Central Goods Yard: mrcgy912a


Close up ofimage 'mrcgy912' showing a row of temporary timber built offices together with the five sidings on the left of the yard. The sidings are noted being, from left to right, Yard 4, Yard 3, Yard 2, Yard 1 and adjacent to the wall with covered vans stabled on it, No 11 Long. Despite the use of the term 'long' this siding was shorter than the two internal central sidings being less than half the length of the warehouse. To complete the confusion for a lay person, the siding running adjacent to the wall but inside, was described as No 11 Middle. In the view above the door protecting this siding is closed. To the right of the door were four other sidings, three terminating against the wall and another a little distance before the wall. These were categorised in a 1947 plan as being No 11 Short (not visible), No 8, No 8 and No 8 (Sic) all three with covered vans stabled on them. For additional information on the layout of the goods yard see image 'mrcgy909'.