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LMS Route: Birmingham West Suburban Railway

Bournville Shed: mrb683

A fine panoramic view in colour of Bournville shed and yard seen on Sunday 11th March 1956

This panoramic colour photo of the engine depot, showing coal stacks ready for use, was taken on Sunday 11th March 1956. There is not much sign of activity, with only one engine in view, probably shunting wagons near the stacked coal. The coaling stage, the shed building and the signal box are all shown clearly in relation to one another. Those wagons nearer the shed would have been there for ash disposal. The shorter of the two home signals in the background, on the right of the photo, controlled the exit from the yard, the taller one the up main line. The main line signal in the foreground is fitted with a white diamond on the post, indicating that the line was protected by electrical track circuits.

John Dews