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LMS Route: Birmingham West Suburban Railway

Bournville Shed: mrb482

Ex-MR 2F 0-6-0 No 2603 photographed while taking on water at Bournville in March 1935

A locally based ex-MR double framed 0-6-0, LMS No 2603, is seen taking on water at Bournville in March 1935. The coal stage is seen behind the locomotive, with the other water column visible further down the line. The seven plank wagons on the embankment, dedicated to carrying locomotive coal, look so clean that they were probably new. The old locomotive and its grimy tender, by contrast, were only a year away from withdrawal. Built by Dubs & Company of Glasgow, the engine first entered Midland Railway service as '700' class No 711 in 1869. The Midland rebuilt it with 18" cylinders in 1884, rebuilt it again in 1903 (details not available as such but this or the previous rebuild must have included the fitting of the Johnson boiler & cab), assigned it to power class 1 in 1905, renumbered it No 2603 in 1907, then rebuilt it again with a 1900 class 2 boiler in 1912. After the grouping, the LMS reclassified it as 2F in 1928, then withdrew it from service in March 1936.

John Dews