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LMS Route: Birmingham West Suburban Railway

Bournville Shed: mrb3

LMSR 3P 0-6-4T No 2014 stands on a siding next to allotments on Saturday 15th June 1935

LMSR 3P 0-6-4T No 2014 stands on a siding next to allotments on Saturday 15th June 1935. It was probably out of use like other 0-6-4Ts photographed at Bournville on that day. The engine standing behind it looks like another 0-6-4T. The allotments do not feature in any other photos on this page, but a strip of former railway owned allotments were sold in 1997 and developed as part of the adjoining Cotteridge Park. They could be the ones shown in the photo but inquiries of people who remember them suggest they aren't. That means the location is uncertain. It doesn't have to be at an engine shed. It could be sidings used temporarily for storage of withdrawn locos. Any informed suggestion would be welcome.

No 2014 was built at Derby works in April 1907. Official withdrawal from Saltley shed was in March 1936. All built in 1907 with Deeley 'H1' saturated boilers, the 0-6-4Ts replaced the smaller 0-4-4Ts on the heavier commuter trains of the period. Known as "Flatirons" for obvious reasons, all forty were rebuilt with the 'G7S' superheated boiler between 1920 and 1926. They unfortunately developed a bad name for being involved in derailments. The nineteen allocated to the Birmingham area were replaced on local services by former LTSR 2P 4-4-2Ts, drafted in as short term replacements before the arrival of the new LMSR standard tank classes. The Birmingham 'Flatirons' were only used when no other power was available. They were all withdrawn between 1935 and 1938.

John Dews