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LMS Route: Birmingham West Suburban Railway

Bournville Shed: mrb1

LMSR 2F 0-6-0 No 22846 photographed behind the coal stage embankment at Bournville on Sunday 27 July 1947

An ex MR double framed 0-6-0, LMS No 22846, is seen on one of the sidings behind the coaling stage embankment at Bournville, clearly still in use, on Sunday 27 July 1947. Built by Dubs & Company of Glasgow, it had entered service as Midland Railway '700' class 0-6-0 No 1044 in 1873. The Midland rebuilt it in 1877 & again in 1899 (Johnson 'B' boiler & cab would have been fitted in one of these rebuilds), assigned it to power class 1 in 1905, renumbered it No 2846 in 1907, rebuilt it again with an 1896 Johnson 'D' boiler & 18" cylinders, making it power class 2, in March 1908, then rebuilt it again with an 1899 boiler in 1915. The engine was photographed before the grouping in round top boiler condition with a Deeley rounded eaves cab, proving that the cab was fitted before the LMS rebuild (see image 'mrthl127'). After the grouping, the LMS rebuilt it with a Fowler 'G6' Belpaire boiler in November 1923, reclassified it as 2F in 1928, then renumbered it No 22846 on the duplicate list in August 1935. Saltley was its home shed in 1945, but it had been transferred to its final home, Bournville, by December 1947. Although British Railways allotted it No 58111, it was still carrying its LMS number when withdrawn in September 1949. It was one of the four ex-MR outside framed 0-6-0s to be allotted BR numbers and the second of them to be withdrawn.

John Dews