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LMS Route: Rugby to Leamington Spa (Avenue)

LMS Route: Leamington to Weedon

Marton Junction: lnwrmartj1325a

Close up of Honingham Hill Road bridge showing the LMS upper quadrant signals that protected Marton junction

Close up of image 'lnwrmartj1325' showing Honingham Hill Road bridge and the LMS upper quadrant signals that protected Marton junction. The signal gantry is carrying two arms with the one on the left in the off position meaning that it has been raised to about 60° above the vertical by the signalman to give the right away to a train heading for Rugby. The signal on the right controls access to the Weeden branch and is in the 'on' position meaning its at danger as its in the horizontal position. According to the ICE paper of the bridge, the roadway on top of the bridge was originally supported on corrugated iron sheets 1/10in. thick with corrugations 9in. wide and 3in.deep, the sheets being supported on the transverse girders with an effective span of 7ft. 2in. The corrugations were filled with concrete to give a level surface upon which a road surface of 6in. gravel and loam metalling was originally laid. At present, the roadway is formed from a concrete slab which is supported by concrete jack arches spanning between longitudinal girders (11 No.) the ends of which rest upon the transverse girders. The concrete roadway has concrete edging strips 5 1/2in. deep and 2 1/2in. wide. It is not known when the reconstruction of the deck took place.