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LMS Route: Birmingham New Street to Lichfield

Gravelly Hill Station: lnwrgh58a

Close up showing the structures on the Sutton Coldfield platform

Close up of image 'lnwrgh58' showing the passenger waiting rooms located on the station's Sutton Coldfield platform. There appear to be at least buildings on the platform. One can be seen behind the passengers whilst another is located between the passenger footbridge and Huntons Hill road bridge, the latter being partly visible in image 'lnwrgh1487'. A number of things are interesting in this part of the photograph. First is the sign 'Wait here for First Class on local stopping trains' which would imply that the local passenger services were being operated by drivers able to stop their train within a given distance. The other signs are for directing passengers to the passenger footbridge to either cross the line or the way out of the station. The LNWR lower quadrant signal is located at the base of the bridge carrying Hunters Hill over the railway. Due to the clutter and dark background a white painted quadrant shaped sighting board has been installed behind the signal to improve its visibility.