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LMS Route: Rugby to Wolverhampton
LMS Route: Nuneaton to Leamington

Coventry Station: lnwrcov620

Looking towards Birmingham this view of the second station built at Coventry in 1840 shows the use of platforms with canopies

Looking towards Birmingham this 1860 view of the second station built at Coventry, in 1840, shows the use of platforms with canopies. The 1840 structure was in fact a continuation of the original style adopted by the L&B for the 'train sheds' used at both Euston and Curzon Street in Birmingham but arranged for use for a single platform. This style of building was also adopted by the L&B with their construction of the branch to Leamington as can be seen in image 'lnwrlave1374'. The up platform on the right is significantly longer than the down platform on the left and is also fully covered for the entire length of the platform. Why the down platform was shorter is unknown as trains would have been of the same length. The coaching stock seen in the siding immediately in front of the photographer are probably coaching stock used for local passenger services to Leamington and Nuneaton.

Coaching stock of this period were illuminated by oil lamps located inside the circular pots on the roof. The attraction of these circular pots to a schoolboy was featured in a story in Coventry's local newspaper in the 1880s. Apparently one of the schoolboys commuting to Bablake School, next to Coundon Road Station, tried to put his head up through one so he could see out. As is the way of these things, he got stuck and so had to continue on to Coventry Station where he was helped to get free. Unfortunately the news article made no mention as to whether he was further punished for this misdemeanor or whether the embarrassment was deemed sufficient punishment.