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LMS Route: Rugby to Wolverhampton
LMS Route: Nuneaton to Leamington

Coventry Station: lnwrcov554c

Close up showing the LNWR and MR Goods shed, No 2 Goods shed and the main offices

This close up of image 'lnwrcov554' showing the LNWR and MR Goods shed, No 2 Goods shed and the main offices. At the bottom can be seen the footbridge, its brick rampart on the left also containing stables and storage for silage. The Joint LNWR/MR goods shed on the left was built for the MR under running powers that were granted on 1st September 1865. At the Warwick Road end of this building were offices for claims and the telephone exchange. On the other side of the entrance is the weigh bridge and office and the goods yard's main offices. In between the two goods sheds is a 5 ton crane used to load and unload open wagons which in this instance appears to be timber. At the bottom left of the photograph just above the ramp to the pedestrian bridge are further stables whilst the house just visible on the left was the yard foreman's house. The short siding that ends near to the foreman's house was the loading and unloading ramp used for road vehicles etc. Most of the wagons appear to be open wagons although it is highly unlikely that any would be carrying coal as these would have gone to Coundon Wharf, Coventry's main depot for coal, just one stop down the Nuneaton branch. To view the layout drawing of the yard relevant to this photograph click here.