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LMS Route: Rugby to Wolverhampton
LMS Route: Nuneaton to Leamington

Coventry Station: lnwrcov3728a

Close up showing part of the Warwick Road end of the goods yard with the MR shed in the background

Close up of image 'lnwrcov3728' showing part of the Warwick Road end of the goods yard with the MR shed in the background. The siding in foreground leads to the cattle dock but the siding, at approximately 90° to this siding and adjacent to the goods platform, are accessed via a wagon turntable upon which a van is stood. The third siding, best described as the 'hypotenuse' of the three sidings, appears to also be accessed by a wagon turntable part of which can just be seen in front of the chain hanging from the jib of the fixed position habnd operated crane. The 1887 Ordnance Survey map provides clarification of this in image 'lnwrcov3729'.

The loading dock appears to extend down the left hand side of the access road to the cattle dock, which appears to also provide access for road vehicles to this dock as evidenced by the white painted gate. A truck mounted crane was manually operated and appears to have just off-loaded several long pipes or poles laid which are laid at right angles on the ground. Peter Stanton of the LNWR Society writes, 'The crane wagon prompts an interesting thought! The crane wagon at Butterley might be of similar format but I can't find any shots of the crane itself. It does illustrate the use of the vehicle though. I am told by the Midland Railway people it was found and 'Rescued' from Chaddesden sidings. Wagon restorers welcome; Butterley would provide materials!!'