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LMS Route: Nuneaton to Leamington

Bedworth Station: lnwrb3258

Bedworth Station Goods Shed staff pose in front of the dispatch office which 'leant' against the goods shed wall

The Stationmaster, William Rivitt, is on the left of the photograph in front of the original Bedworth Goods Shed circa 1900. Reg Instone of the LNWR Society writes, '"In order to provide accommodation for the increased clerical staff, the Goods Office had to be extended at an estimated cost of £60, including the metalling outside the office". From 1897 until 1908 there was two clerks (£80 & £60; £90 & £70 from 1st January 1910) and one apprentice £30. From 1st December 1909 the apprentice was replaced by a third clerk on £50 (J B Dunkley). From 1st June 1911 there was another apprentice (J R Neal) who rapidly became a fourth (junior) clerk. The £90 clerk's position became Senior Clerk on £100 - £110 - £120 (J S F Cluley). And so it remained until the war when an extra Junior Clerk (C E Kirt) was taken on in November 1915. So the "increased clerical staff" in the minute was in reality one extra man (others promoted)'.