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LMS Route: Nuneaton to Leamington

Bedworth Station: lnwrb30a

Close up showing Bedworth station's goods yard and sidings together with various other buildings located to the side of the station

Close up of image 'lnwrb30' showing the original main station building with the goods shed on the left and in between the two, the exit for passengers. On the left is the porters crossing used by station staff to cross between the two platforms via a step proved in the face of the platform to aid climbing up from the rails. On the extreme right is the brick built gentlemen's toilets and a step ladder placed under the wall mounted gas lit lamp which station staff would use to light and extinguish the flame. The door nearest to the camera would have led through to the booking hall which passengers arriving at the station would have accessed from a door on the other side. The chimneys provide an indication of the internal configuration of the building. The building is too small to be used as the station master's residence and therefore the nearest chimney would have provided warmth to the booking hall which also doubled up as the waiting room. The double chimney would indicate that the central portion of the building was too rooms, most likely the station master's office and the booking clerk's office. The chimney furthest away would probably have been used to warm the ladies waiting room which would have had a toilet accessed from the inside.