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LMS Route: Grand Junction Railway
LMS Route: Birmingham New Street to Lichfield
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Aston Shed: lnwra3630

Ex-LMS rebuilt Patriot Class 4-6-0 No 45527 'Southport' stands in ex-works condition at Aston on 4th July 1957

Ex-LMS rebuilt Patriot Class 4-6-0 No 45527 'Southport' stands in ex-works condition at Aston on 4th July 1957. Built as LMS No 5527 by Derby works, in parallel boiler form, in March 1933, No 45527 was rebuilt with Stanier's 2A tapered boiler in September 1948 and in this form remained in service until December 1964 when it was withdrawn from 12A Kingmoor shed in Carlisle to be scrapped by Arnott & Young Ltd. Eighteen of the original fifty-two members of the Patriot Class were rebuilt being essentially Rebuilt Royal Scots albeit with a one inch smaller diameter cylinders and having new 'Stanier' two window cabs fitted. As the boilers of the Royal Scots and Patriot Class locomotives were due for replacement, and their built-up smokeboxes were proving difficult to keep airtight, the decision was taken to rebuild the class in batches with type 2A boilers.

The prototype locomotives were however, two of Stanier's Jubilee Class which whilst being a more modern locomotive had proven disappointing regarding its steaming qualities. This was because of the difference between the coal used by the LMS and that used by Stanier's previous company, the GWR. The two Jubilees were No 5736 'Phoenix' being rebuilt in April 1942 and No 5735 'Comet' being rebuilt a month later. They were the second and third examples of the LMS 2A boilered 4-6-0 locomotives, following on from the 1935 pioneer rebuild of No 6170 'British Legion'. Both Jubilees had been built in 1936 at Crewe, and therefore their original type 3A boilers were not life expired and hence were refurbished and reused on different engines rather than being scrapped. Rebuilding of the Royal Scots started in 1943, and eventually all seventy members of the class were rebuilt. A total of ninety-one locomotives were rebuilt.

Aston Shed: lnwra3630a