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LMS Route: Birmingham West Suburban Railway

Birmingham Central Goods Station: central_goods_map

Location Map

The location of Central Goods Depot and its juxtaposition with New Street station as seen on a 1947 copy of Bartholomews Map. The Birmingham & West Suburban Railway line to Kings Norton can be seen leaving New Street station in a tunnel beneath Holliday Street before emerging in a cutting at the junction with the Central Goods Depot. Gordon Snelgrove writes 'I've been reading through that part of the Warwickshire railway site that deals with the 'Birmingham West Suburban railway' and have found something that I find hard to reconcile. Working from the railway map 'mr_generic1430b' and looking in particular at the junction marked as 'Central Goods Sta Branch Junction 133m.10ch.(0m.0ch) and then looking at the Bartholomews Map above, it would appear that the junction shown on the Bartholomews for the connection into the 'Central Goods' is a pure fiction.'.