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GWR Route: North Warwickshire Line

Danzey for Tanworth Station: gwrdt2828

Some of the precision cut stone blocks completed under the watchful eye of Mr GB Sharples, the contractor's engineer

Masonry laid out for the three flat elliptical arches of the skewed bridge over Umberslade Hall driveway. These irregular shapes needed cut with precision to produce a structurally sound bridge with the desired aesthetic effect. This involved adopting a French design of spiralling parallel courses, which both reduced the stone wastage and ensured the thrust developed was sufficiently supported. Credit was given to the contractor’s engineer, Mr GB Sharples for his practical ability and zeal. It was reported that only one stone was wasted during the construction. A close up of an arch can be seen in image 'gwrdt2827' and the completed bridge in images 'gwrdt1420', 'gwrdt2829' and 'gwrtd2831'.

Robert Ferris