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Robert Ferris has transcribed the following information on the building and development of Moor Street station from articles which appeared in several editions of the Great Western Magazine.

New Coaches for Suburban Services

Extract from Great Western Magazine Vol. XIII. No.6, June 1911
Birmingham Suburban Service.

With the view of catering for the Birmingham suburban traffic, recently constructed at Swindon Works four trains each consisting of two eight-wheeled first and third class and two eight-wheeled brake thirds. The coaches are fifty seven feet long by nine feet wide and have steel under-frames with 9 foot bolster bogies and laminated springs. The first-class compartments are finished in polished walnut and sycamore, the upholstery being dark-green cloth bordered with green and gold laces, whilst the floors are covered with specially designed rugs of heavy velvet green pile, bordered green and gold and having a large monogram, 'GWR' in the centre. Polished oak has been used for the third-class compartments, the upholstery being blue and red rep. The trains are electrically lighted throughout on the Leitner system, the first-class compartments being provided with five lights with holophane globes and the third-class with three lights. Steam heating is provided by means of cast-iron radiators and the heating (as usual with modern GW stock) is under the control of the passengers. The trains present a very handsome appearance and a great feature about them is the carrying capacity – 64 first-class and 220 third-class passengers per train.

Extract from Great Western Magazine Vol. XXXVI. No.10, October 1924
New Trains for Local Services.

Last month the Company delivered the first of a number of luxurious new trains for use in the Birmingham district. The upholstering of the third-class compartments is of the conventional black and red, but in the first-class compartments the new standard brown and gold has been adopted, giving them a very rich appearance. The interior woodwork throughout the train is beautifully polished and the effect is most pleasing to the eye. Each first class compartment has five electric lights, whilst the thirds have three. The width of every compartment is such as to give ample knee room.

A special feature of the train is the new type of centre coupling invented at the Company’s Swindon works, which dispenses with buffers and minimises oscillation. The total seating accommodation in the train is 80 first class and 220 third class.

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