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Appendix to No13 Section of the Service Time Tables March 1929

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Great Western Railway
Appendix to No13 Section of the Service Time Tables
March 1929

(plus Snow Storm contingency requirements from Appendix to STT, April 1953)

The following are the Standard Engine Whistle Codes:-
Main Lines … … … 1 whistle
Relief Lines … … … 2 whistles
To or from Platform Loops … 2 whistles
Branch Lines … … 3 whistles
Goods Lines … … 4 whistles
Bay Lines … … … 2 short whistles
To Engine Shed … … 4 short whistles
Yards, to or from … … 1 crow
Crossover Road, Main Line 1 crow and 1 whistle
Crossover Road, Relief Lines 1 crow and 2 whistles
In Siding Clear of Running Lines 3 short sharp whistles
For crossing operations, whistles should be used made up of a combination of the whistle for the road upon which the engine is standing or running, and the road to which the Driver wishes to be transferred, as for example:
Main Line to Relief Line … 1 whistle pause 2 whistles
Relief Line to Main Line … 2 whistles pause 1 whistle

Where Standard Whistle Codes are not required they may be utilised for other purposes.

List of Engine Whistles
Bordesley South

Main Line to Up Pilot Line … … 3 whistles
To or from LM&S Line … … 4 whistles
South End of Yard to Baltic Yard … 3 crows

Water Cranes are provided at:

Station Position of Crane Will supply Engine Standing at
Bordesley Junction Opposite Small Heath Platforms Down Goods and Down Shunting Spur
South end of Down Yard Down Relief and Up Goods
Middle of Down Yard Down Goods Line
Near Bordesley South Box In Yard and Down Goods Line
South end of Up Yard Up Pilot and No 3 Line
Centre of Up Yard No 1 Shunting Line

Re-railing Ramps are kept at:

Station Where kept
Bordesley Junction Down Yard - Caledonia Sidings
Down Yard – No 3 Shunting Truck
Up Yard - Opposite Office
Up Yard – Baltic Yard
Up Yard – Number-Takers Cabin
Bordesley Station Cattle Sidings

Track Circuits are provided at:

Station Length and Position Illuminated Noticed Board fixed on Signals locked by occupation of Track
Bordesley South 380 yards to rear of Up Main Starting Up Main Starting Up Main Inner Home, and Up Relief to Main Inner Home
310 yards to Up Relief Starting Up Relief Starting Up Relief Inner Home
380 yards to rear of Down Main Home Down Main Home Small Heath Down Main Starting
390 yards to rear of Down Relief Home Down Relief Home Small Heath North Down Relief Starting
320 yards to rear of Up Main Home Up Main Home Bordesley North Up Main Starting

Snow Storms

To assist in the clearance of snow from points and ground signal fittings and accumulations of snow in restricted places, steam lance set, each comprising of on lance, two 20 feet lengths of armoured hose, one brass connection and one spanner are available. The apparatus can be attached to any WR type of Engine, and in operation enables a regulated jet of steam to be directed on accumulations of snow. It is most important that an application of salt shall immediately be made after the use of the lance to prevent the water from the melted snow from freezing. The sets are stored as detailed herein, and so allocated to primary function in the clearance of Main Line Points and fittings at these places:-

Station Place of Storage Operation Area
Bordesley Junction Depot Office Small Heath North to Birmingham Moor Street

It is the responsibility of the Station and Depot Masters concerned, in conjunction with the District Inspector and Engineering Department, to organise the service when required, the Motive Power Department supplying a special Engine when necessary.

In the event of difficulty being experienced in maintaining the free working of points by the usual methods – sweeping and salting, etc at places other than those at which the Steam Lances are stored, the person in charge must so advise the appropriate District Inspector, who will arrange for the provision of power and steam lance from one of the Stores numerated. Owing to the limited number available and the importance of maintenance of working at these places to which they are allocated, it is most important that requests for steam lance assistance shall be kept to an absolute minimum and only be made when normal methods fail. As exceptional heavy falls of snow make it difficult to maintain freedom of movement of all connections, it is important that at places specified efforts shall be concentrated upon keeping selected routes open. These places are principally situated on the four line section Lapworth to Handsworth Junction, and are included in the under mentioned schedule of ‘Priority Requirements’ in the clearance of snow. All concerned are required to give every attention thereto.

Priority Requirements   Connections
Bordesley South 1) Up Main to Up Relief
2) Down Relief to Down Main
3) Up Main to Pilot Line

Brooms and Shovels

A supply of the above for use exclusively for the clearance of snow exist at the following places. It is important they shall be retained in safe custody and when required for snow clearance that a close check shall be maintained upon the issue and return after use. Transfer for use in emergency to places outside the Area to which allocated may be necessary, but in all cases will be arranged and authorised by the District Inspector:-

Location Brooms Shovels
Bordesley South Box 3 6

Robert Ferris