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GWR Route: The North Warwickshire Line

GWR Route: Stratford on Avon to Hatton

Stratford on Avon Station: gwrsa1537b

Close up of the gas work's buildings and coal yard adjacent to the Birmingham Road

Close up of the buildings and other facilities at Stratford upon Avon's gas works and the coal yard adjacent to the Birmingham Road. The canal is crossing the bottom of the photograph with Kendall's works below the canal with the main building on the right. Most of the wagons in this view are Private Owners (PO) wagons from various collieries including mines from the North Warwickshire coal fields: Baddersley Colliery of Ensor in Warwickshire, Griff Colliery and Newdigate Colliery of Nuneaton plus Coventry Colliery and Exhall Colliery from Coventry. Other collieries which supplied coal included, Chesterfield Colliery in Derbyshire which supplied Coalite and Donisthorpe Colliery near Burton on Trent. The Gas Company was formed in 1834 and transferred to the Corporation in 1879 and existed until the late 1960s.