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GWR Route: Banbury to Wolverhampton

Olton Station: gwro258a

Close up view of the brick built down platform building which accommodated the booking office, general waiting room and toilets

Close up view of image 'gwro258' showing the main station building located on the down platform. It was a single storey, built on a simple rectangular plan. The structure was brick built with decorative stone quoins, door and window surrounds. It had a slate gable roof, with two chimneys and a platform canopy supported by decorative iron brackets. It accommodated the booking office, general waiting room and toilets, with all rooms accessed from the platform. At the far end of the building on the platform is a weighing machine, whilst near to the camera the bench seat is framed by a porter's barrow on the left and a wicker basket leaning on the wall to the right. This clutter on the platform combined with the advertising posters must be an inspiration to modellers. The photograph was taken shortly before the station was rebuilt in 1932.

Robert Ferris