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GWR Route: Banbury to Wolverhampton

Moor Street Station: gwrms2756

Henry Pooley & Son's mobile workshop for maintaining, servicing and calibrating of all GWR weighbridges

The Great Western Railway contracted the maintenance, servicing and calibration of all their weighbridges and other weighing machines to the specialist firm of Henry Pooley & Son, who from 1890 were based at 72 John Bright Street, Birmingham. They provided H Pooley & Son with a number of modified covered wagons to use as mobile workshops and stores. Prior to the grouping in 1921, these were all newly built wagons, adapted from standard covered wagon designs with additional roof lighting, windows, stove and steps. After the grouping the workshop vans were mainly converted from surplus covered wagons.

This particular H Pooley & Son mobile workshop van (No DW37458) was photographed in Moor Street Goods Yard on 6th June 1964. It is branded:

In September 1912 the construction of the massive brick arches alongside the existing viaduct was progressing

The first H Pooley & Son mobile workshop van for the Newtown District was an absorbed Cambrian Meat Van converted soon after the Grouping in December 1922, but the wagon in the photograph has many characteristics of a Great Western Railway unfitted covered wagon and is thought to be a converted diagram V12 wagon. If the number of the original wagon has been retained, then it probably was originally constructed in Lot L816 (1915) and may be one of the unidentified wagons listed below as converted in Lot L1148 (1934).

The table below gives details of the various H Pooley & Son mobile workshop vans:

Lot Date Diagram Details Running Nos Conversion from:
  1899 CC2 11’0” 8ton (iron bodied) 16912  
L324 1900 16910  
L487 1904 16908
L490 1905 16907  
L533 1906 16906  
L629 1909 CC5 11’0” 8ton (wooden bodied) 16547  
L787 1913 16536  
L855 1920 16579  
L870 1920 16290  
  1922 None 10ton 37458 Cambrian Meat Van
    None 18’0” 10t 28899 Diagram V11 covered van
L1148 1934 None 9’0” 10ton 82917 82924 plus two others Four Diagram V12 covered wagons from L652 1911

Robert Ferris