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GWR Route: North Warwickshire Line

GWR Route: Banbury to Wolverhampton

Bordesley Station: gwrbg2705

Ordnance Survey Map  of 1950 and a schematic overlay showing the outline of Bordesley Cattle Station

By 1951 the station had been moved south east of the Coventry Road and all trace of the original platforms lost. The station site is shown as a Ruin with nothing remaining of the original structure though clearly the tunnels and bricked up blind arches remain today. Interestingly the 1940-41 Bomb map from EH shows a near direct hit in the area due north of No 113 High Street which is probably why the remaining NW wall with 116 has evidence of blast damage and the entire SE wall is in blockwork. Rail 270 shows the extant five blind arches on the corner of High Street and Coventry Road, clearly map didn't record the blind arches associated with the original station as it was wholly GWR property and thus no assignments were necessary. Logically at least two more blind arches existed between the two groups both of which are present today with the tunnel entrance between them. Both today are in use as office space and I believe the leftmost one was the Station Master's office.

The above schematic was derived from clips of the 1889 OS First edition, 1950 1:1250 OS edition and the early 1900s Rail 270/30 property plan being overlaid and adjusted via Autocad to a common scale. (1:500).

Graham Laucht